Westafricanva being the Westafricanva Industry's #1 Job Board and Hiring Platform.

West African VA prides itself on being the leading job board and hiring platform in the virtual assistance industry, connecting West African professionals with international employers.

Caption: Empowering Businesses. Uplifting West Africa.


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Discover a novel approach to enhance your operations and diversify your workforce. West African VA provides you with access to a pool of qualified, dedicated, and cost-effective virtual assistants. Each of our professionals is rigorously trained and thoroughly vetted to meet your high standards and contribute to your success story.
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West African VA offers the perfect launchpad for West African professionals to establish their careers in the virtual assistance industry. We connect you with global opportunities, allowing you to develop and showcase your skills, work with international employers, and shape your future without leaving your home region.
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Our Story

West African VA started with a simple but powerful idea - to tap into the potential of West Africa's emerging tech-savvy workforce and provide them with global opportunities, while helping businesses worldwide optimize their operations through reliable and cost-effective virtual assistance.

Why We Do It

We are driven by a passion for empowerment and development - the empowerment of businesses through streamlined operations and the development of West Africa through job creation and skill enhancement.

What We Do

We bridge the gap between the thriving talent pool of West Africa and businesses worldwide, providing top-notch virtual assistant services at a fraction of the usual cost.

Our Vision

We envision a world where businesses operate efficiently and cost-effectively with the help of our talented West African professionals, and where West Africa is recognized as a hub of digital talent.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower businesses with reliable, high-quality, and affordable virtual assistance services, while catalyzing the development and growth of West Africa's digital economy.


Our Key Values

  1. Empowerment : We believe in empowering both businesses and professionals, driving growth and success.
  2. Reliability : We are committed to providing reliable services, fostering trust with our clients.
  3. Sustainability : We aim for sustainable growth, nurturing a long-lasting, positive impact on businesses and communities.

Our Vision

At West African VA, we envision a world where opportunity and innovation seamlessly coexist to bring about advancement and transformation. Our vision is one of empowerment, inclusivity, and shared prosperity, and it sits at the nexus of business growth and social impact.

We see ourselves as catalysts in the transformation of small to medium-sized businesses in the USA and Canada. We believe in the potential of these businesses to flourish with the right resources at their disposal. By offering highly skilled virtual assistants from West Africa, we aim to boost operational efficiency, enhance productivity, and drive growth in these businesses. But our vision is not confined to creating successful business stories.

Parallel to fuelling business growth, we are deeply committed to propelling the socio-economic development of West Africa. Our region is rich with talent, ambition, and an indomitable spirit to rise. We aim to channel these attributes constructively by creating meaningful job opportunities, thereby fostering a spirit of self-reliance and progress within the region.

In essence, we envision a vibrant global community where businesses from the West leverage the untapped talent pool of West Africa to push their boundaries. Simultaneously, every job opportunity we create catalyzes positive change, boosting employment rates, and contributing to the overall economic health of the region.

Our vision stretches beyond the traditional boundaries of a service provider. It's a vision steeped in growth, diversity, and unity. We aim to build bridges between Western businesses and West African talent, bridges that pave the way for mutual growth and shared prosperity.

Join us on this journey of transforming the landscape of remote work. Together, we can redefine what it means to run successful businesses, and in doing so, leave a lasting and meaningful impact on the vibrant communities of West Africa.

Our Difference can be expressed in five different areas:


The Relationships

We value and nurture our relationships with both our clients and our professionals. We believe in open communication, mutual respect, and a shared commitment to success.
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The Technology

Our platform leverages state-of-the-art technology to make job posting, candidate searching, and hiring process as efficient and seamless as possible.
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The Support

Our dedicated team is always ready to provide support, ensuring a smooth and satisfying experience for both employers and professionals.

The Global Effect

Our work has a global impact, contributing to the growth of businesses worldwide and the development of the West African digital economy.
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Meet Our Team:

Emmanuel Onyi Orubele

Chief Operations Officer

Emmanuel Orubele, a proud alumnus of Southern New Hampshire University, leverages his profound exper...

Eze Anthony Onyebuchi


Eze Anthony Onyebuchi is a multi-faceted professional who brings a wealth of diverse experiences to ...