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Your people strategy matters…

In today's business world, your people strategy is not just a component of your overall strategy; it is the strategy itself. A solid, capable team serves as the cornerstone of an effective business. We at WAVA are aware of this and are ready to assist you in strengthening that base.

We offer you the flexibility and resources you need to accomplish your business goals with our selection of top-tier virtual assistants from West Africa. Our workforce is enthusiastic, ambitious people committed to assisting your company as it develops and grows, not just hired hands.

A successful people strategy can change the course of your business, leading to higher productivity, better client interactions, and ultimately, greater profitability. Your people strategy has the potential to make a huge difference when working with WAVA.


I can't imagine my life without It has become an essential part of my daily routine. The user-friendly interface and seamless navigation make it a pleasure to use. Kudos to the developers for creating such a fantastic website!

Sarah L.

Makeup Artist


West African VA has drastically changed my life. I now have a full time job and able to feed my family, send my kids to school, and live a comfortable life.

Ada Chukwu

Virtual Assistant

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Top Features


Post Jobs

Unleash your access to a wide spectrum of talent that your business necessitates with unprecedented ease. Our user-friendly platform for job postings provides you a streamlined interface to detail the tasks that need to be undertaken, the qualifications you're seeking, and your expectations. This goes beyond merely listing a job vacancy it's an opp...

Search & Resume Match

Searching for the ideal candidate that aligns perfectly with your business needs can indeed be a daunting task, often consuming a considerable amount of your valuable time. However, at WAVA, we recognize the importance of your time and the crucial role the right candidate plays in your business's success. Hence, we've endeavored to streamline this ...


Screen & Hire

In our quest to make your hiring journey as seamless as possible, we've streamlined the entire process with our 'Screen & Hire' feature. This initiative goes a step further than simply connecting you with potential candidates it is specifically designed to assist you in selecting the most suitable p...